Scaling up Dutch Insurance Service Provider


The company is a service provider that serves both SME businesses and consumers in the insurance market in the Netherlands. It was a majority-owned company by PE and actively participates in consolidating the Dutch insurance advisory market through a buy and build strategy, acquiring 15+ companies p/a.. This rapid growth led to the need for a CEO experienced in leading and professionalizing the company while maintaining service quality.


Professionalize the organization, integrating acquired companies and ensure successful customer service while managing rapid growth.


  • Significantly improved the internal organization and established a new management team.
  • Strengthened support functions such as finance, HR, IT, data, and communication to enhance operational efficiency and quality.
  • Streamlined the advisory branch by unifying names across acquired companies.
  • Implemented a more effective process for integrating acquired companies.


  • Achieved a doubling of both revenue and the number of employees within two years.
  • Successful partial exit (70% stake) to large, listed insurance company in 2021

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