Five Ways to Use Purpose for Recruiting Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2007)

Generation Z is more focused on purpose than other generations. We assume that your company has a purpose that reflects societal and/or environmental engagement and is genuine. So how does a company attract GenZ employees and provide what this generation needs?

  1. Generation Z has grown up during times of social unrest and global challenges. Therefore, they find it important to make a difference and have a positive influence on society. By emphasizing your company’s mission, you attract GenZ candidates who are motivated to contribute to it.
  2. GenZ values authenticity: they prefer meaningful work that aligns with their own values. The company’s mission is sincere, communicated through all levels of the company, and the employee experiences a sense of ownership and autonomy. This leads to greater satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty.
  3. GenZ employees are highly aware of their talents. An employer that provides opportunities to develop these talents and sees the potential to link them to the company’s purpose retains employees who grow, are challenged, and want to give back.
  4. GenZ has grown up with computers and mobile phones and constantly engages in dialogue with the world around them. They expect the same from an employer and will feel at home in an environment where digitization naturally supports the mission and follows the latest developments.
  5. GenZ is careful with the environment and themselves. Stress is a topic of conversation, and GenZ has a relatively low tolerance for it. A good work-life balance is essential for a generation that highly values both physical and mental health. The employer who successfully connects their care for society and the environment with caring employment practices retains a committed GenZ workforce for the company.

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